Welcome to the second issue of The Left Fold, a weekly programming article digest.

  1. Programming Languages
  2. Programming Language Implementations
  3. Coding
  4. Design and Testing
  5. Algorithms
  6. UI
  7. Experience Reports
  8. The Left Fold

Programming Languages

Doug Crockford gave a talk on his book "JavaScript: The Good Parts". This article explains what he likes, what he doesn't, and why:

An assessment of the current state of D implementations and libraries:

GWT, the Google Web Toolkit, compiles Java to JavaScript. Here's an article critical of the approach:

Thoughts on and predictions about the moratorium on Python changes proposed last week:

Programming Language Implementations

Three Common Lisp implementations are evaluated and critiqued for numerical performance and code generation:

How PyPy improved garbage collection times, and how it compares to CPython:


A survey of how several well-known C libraries and applications handle out-of-memory conditions:

The L1 code cache, how it impacts performance, and why smaller can be better than unrolled:

Design and Testing

Communications of the ACM features a retrospective by C.A.R. Hoare on testing and verification:

Analogies between Feynman's observations about the Challenger development process and software development:

KLEE is an automatic test generator that uses LLVM to trace code paths and provide coverage for arbitrary C programs. Think Haskell's QuickCheck, but aware of the source code:


CouchDB is a document-oriented database. This article describes how it uses an append-only B-Tree for replication and concurrency:

Everyone loves Bloom filters. This paper describes an extension that supports an unspecified maximum set size with a bounded error rate:

A discussion of one of the more difficult aspects of the Netflix challenge that remains unimproved:


Development and considerations for rating tea:

Experience Reports

Clojure for data analysis:

Mono compared to Microsoft's .NET for an browser-based game:

The Left Fold

Thanks for the feedback (reddit, news.yc, favorite reddit comment) on the first issue. I am slowly experimenting with different layouts and organizations. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer an RSS feed of fulltext articles (copyright).

Thanks to Adam Langley for contributing to this issue.

-- Alec